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 B i r t h i n g  T h e  N e w  E a r t h
By Tara Love Perry with 30 Soul-Sister Speakers, Leaders & Experts.
Empowering Women in Fertility, Menstruation, Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Sexuality, Menopause & The Rising of The Divine Feminine.
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Meet The Gracious Co-Hosts

Jen McCarty ~ 'The Event Is Happening' Founder, Spiritual Teacher & Twin Flames Author

Christianne Van Wijk ~ Multi-Award Winning Film Maker, Presenter, Ickonic Media Creative & 'Mind The Matrix' founder

Meet The Incredible Speakers

Binnie Dansby ~ Ecstatic Birth Author & Teacher, Breathworker, Therapist

Rita Hraiz ~ Ageless Wisdom Keeper & Shamanic 

Nina Starsong ~ Pleiadian Singer, Abuse Therapist, Matrix Deprogrammer

Laura Eisenhower ~ Global Alchemist, Researcher & Medical Intuitive Astrologist

Barbara Santen ~ Conscious Relationship Coach, Psychologist & Midwife

Candice Johnson ~ Soul Reader, Inner Child/Past Life Expert & Former Nurse.

Anaiya Sophia ~ Mystic, Storyteller & Author of Revelatory Womb Wisdom

Samsara Tanner ~ Conscious Birthing International Trainer & Doula

Denby Sheather ~ Yoga Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Women's Health Mentor

Mary McNena ~ Quantum Soul Coach, Hypnosis & Light Language Activator

Jill Devi Shri ~ Drea-MER Shaman, Ceremonial Womb Priestess

Rosanna Hanness ~ Multi-Dimensional Success Coach & Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Kalindi Jordan ~ Intimacy Sex Coach, Founder@ Central Mastery Journey.

Tash Mitch ~ Intuitive Healer, Energy Alchemist, Yoga Teacher & Hypnotherapist.

Sandra Rolus ~ Sexual De-Armouring, Birth Regression & Ancestral Womb Healing.

Lisa McCourt ~ Joy Catalyst, Founder of Joy School & Author of 8.5 million+ Book Sales.

Amenti The Awakener ~ 
Helping High Level Visionary Leaders to Success.

Kerry K ~ Catalyst, Galactic Federation Channel & Leader in Consciousness.

Paula Connor ~ Stress Resilience Expert, Emotional Intelligence Mentor, Clinical Director E.R.S.I.

Kate Magic ~ Health Educator, Author, DJ and Yoga Teacher

Jewels Wingfield ~Founder@ 'EarthHeart', Ancient Womb Wisdom & Sacred Sex.

Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso PhD ~ Virgin Birth Authority,  & 7 Sisters Mystery School

 Dr Leonor Murciano-Luna ~ Founder of School of Conscious Fem. Medicine

Lisa Bardell ~ Coach,
Womb Priestess, Author of Wise Wombyn Rising.

Jenni Tribe ~Transformation Coach, Mother, Midwife, Reflexology Trainer, Speaker

Becky Parkes ~ Connecting Consciousness, Ex-Birth Educator for NCT, Doula.

Angelique Peigne ~ 'Cosmic Midwife', Fertility & Conscious Pregnancy Mystic

Kemi Johnson ~ Mum, Midwife, DJ, Founder 
@ Birth Joy

Abi Flynn ~ Singer, Song 
Writer & Self Love 'Miracle Girl'

Marileen Rodgers ~ Spiritual & Reiki Healer, Conscious Marketing Director

What You Can Expect!
Streamed LIVE all over the globe to hundreds of thousands of people, spreading consciousness, knowledge and love, this event will bring Divine Feminine power to the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and illumination to the darkest night in the Southern Hemisphere. 

9 hours of riveting, empowering, life transforming, inspirational, educational, myth busting, de-programming discussion from some of the world's leading female authors, speakers, teachers, experts and luminaries in the field of the Divine Feminine.

Includes Exclusive Free Gift Package!
Each of these brilliant speakers have a special gift for you! It will be beautifully presented to you, via email, in full, immediately after the event has closed. No further signs ups required and it's absolutely free!

Registering for this marathon event is the only way to get this one-of-a-kind gift and the only way to get the speaker schedule of who's speaking and when. Don't miss out! You'll be glad you did :)

Where and When? How To Get Access!
Day Of The Divine Feminine ~ Birthing The New Earth
Opens at 12 Noon Central European Time!

ALL DETAILS of participating, how, when, where, what time the speakers are live, and further info on finding your time zone, are given freely upon registration. There are no catches, it's easy and obligation free. 

Register Now!
The Rising of The Divine Feminine; It's in Your Hands. Open and Receive The Gift of a 
Powerful YOU!

  • Free to Attend
  • ​Free Speakers Gift Pack
  • ​Free Program Schedule
By submitting your email address you agree to receive emails from Tara Love Perry for event info, free gifts, schedule & updates, & be automatically subscribed to her mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
Questions? Please Read...
Who can attend? 
This event welcomes everyone, except those who intend to troll and spread their fear and hate. We do not tolerate racism or spam.
Is it only for women?
Not necessarily, but it is created specifically for those who wish to empower the Divine Feminine within oneself or one another, and those interested in the specific topics of fertility, menstruation, pregnancy  childbirth and menopause.
Is there an age restriction to attend?
There are no restrictions in place, however it's recommended that this event is for those of fertile age and above, with a trusted adult or parental viewing supervision if under the age of 16. Not recommended for young children.
What type of content is it?
Expect real, radical, honest, convention breaking, social-program smashing, experiential and expert content, shared by real, radical, honest, convention breaking, experienced, expert women, that may or may not include language deemed suitable for viewers under 16 years of age. Content will be respectful at all times but may not adhere to mainstream views or 'woke' concepts.
What are my obligations from registering? 
Absolutely none. You can unsubscribe, choose to not attend the event, or stop watching at any time. 
The host, guest speakers, admin and support team of this event, prior to, during & after, take no responsibility whatsoever for any disinformation, opinions expressed, offence taken, mis-representation, any kind of event or unintended backlash that may arise from watching and participating in the event. By wilfully registering and attending for free, the participant agrees to accepting full & unequivocal responsibility for their own health, wellbeing, thoughts, opinions, actions, decisions, and behaviour that may arise from the viewing of The Day Of The Divine Feminine broadcast, live or recorded, without exception.
Other questions?
Please send us an email at and we'll do our best to assist you. Thank you!
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